Sibel Burçer (University of Latvia, Riga) “The Problems in the Management of Mobility of Turkish Students Studying in Latvia”


The aim of this research is to study the most frequent obstacles that occur in the management of Turkish international mobile students who have spent a study visit at a Latvian higher education institution. The purpose of the study is to suggest future steps that should be taken in order to make Latvian universities more attractive for outgoing mobile students from Turkey. The research was conducted by using semi-structured interviews with the administrators of international relations departments at three Latvian higher education institutions. The results showed that the most common problem in this process is the lack of a sufficient level of English by the Turkish students. Other problems reported by the interviewees were the students’ inability to adapt to a different learning environment as well as other cultural barriers.

Keywords: International student mobility, ERASMUS, international relations department, University of Latvia, Turkish mobile students