Section 6: Cross Cultural Studies: East and West

Date & Time: Thursday, 7.04.2016; 14.00–18.00

Location: Ülikooli 16-212

Moderators: Valdas Jaskūnas (Vilnius University, Lithuania), Ene Selart (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Participants and papers (click on the title for an abstract):

Part 1 (14.00–15.40):

  1. Valdas Jaskūnas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “Stateless Orientalism: Bodies and Frameworks of Knowledge about India in Soviet Lithuania”
  2. Yasuko Shibata (The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Poland) “The Renovation of Polish Cultural Identities: The Consumption of Global Japanese Otherness in Contemporary Poland”
  3. Vytis Silius, Vilius Dranseika, Renatas Berniūnas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “Cross-cultural Normative Psychology: Mapping the Space of Evaluative Concepts in Everyday Lithuanian, English, and Chinese”

Part 2 (16.00–18.00):

  1. Loreta Poškaitė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “A Search for the Differences Between Chinese and Western Aesthetics:  A Critical View”
  2. Supaporn Chalapati (I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan) “Internationalising Business Curriculum and Cultural Values: The Case of Vietnam”
  3. Sibel Burçer (University of Latvia, Riga) “The Problems in the Management of Mobility of Turkish Students Studying in Latvia”