Lidia Leontjeva (Tallinn University, Estonia) “Iranian Shia Clerical Ideology Spread Methods: Language and Rhetorics”


Shiite Islam gives a special place to its clerics and demands blind obedience to their rulings on religious law and practices. It is not just the religion of state but also forms the framework for the theocracy. The contemporary Shiite revival has given Iran influence in the Muslim world, especially among other Shiite communities in the Arab world and South Asia, and challenges the Sunni secular nationalists and traditional monarchies. The current  presentation aims to examine the influence of Shia ideology within Islam and focuses on the Iranian Shia clerical ideology methods.

In the following  study ideology is defined according to Teun A. van Dijk as the foundation of the social representations shared by a social group. This presentation examines to some chronological esteem the historical, political and cultural roots of religious processes which have produced dramatically important changes in the region. In the frames of this project, traces of hidden and direct methods of spreading Iranian Shia ideology in the area of “Shiite crescent” will be examined.  Particular attention in propoganda  is given to language  and rhetorics as methods of positive self-presentation. For this purpose there will be several examples of language as a spreading method for ideology taken from a  number of various media sources and then examined, translated and analyzed (for example, the Iranian international broadcasting channel “Press Tv”).