Aynura Mahmudova (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) “The Role of Interpretation of Fuzuli’s Texts in the Formation and Development of his Literary School”


In each period since the founding of the literary school of Fuzuli, his literary school subjected to special features of approach and attitude. As a result the literary school of Fuzuli has different specific features during each period of its development. In order to demonstrate the relationship of each century to the work of the poet, the followers went with the flow of time. The single stream of each era has created various stages of Fuzuli`s literary school. Therefore, there is a need to clarify the position of readers of Fuzuli and in this way the position of the era. In this paper we study the role of the interpretation of Fuzuli’s texts in the formation and development of the poet`s literary school.

Among the reasons for the longevity of most of Fuzuli’s literature is the resonance created by him, a trace left in the mind of readers and in literary history. The study of these interactions partially alleviates the theoretical problems of the poet’s literary school. The literary texts of Fuzuli were conceptualized differently during different periods and among the different layers of readers, and were influenced accordingly. Sometimes it does not coincide with the original intention of the poet, and sometimes the opinion of the reader approaches close to it in the interpretation of texts of multivariance Fuzuli. The existence of different interpretations of texts of Fuzuli is related to it.

In Azerbaijan literature the role of interpretations of Fuzuli`s texts in the formation and development of his literary school is one of the unstudied questions. Overall, the study of literary texts of Fuzuli by the hermeneutical method is a new direction.

The article can be a useful resource for professionals who study general questions of literary criticism, creativity and the literary school of Fuzuli.

Keywords: interpretation, literary school, text, reader