Frank Jüris (National Chengchi University, Taipei City, Taiwan) “Title: Filial Piety in “Xiaojing” 孝經 and “Liji” 禮記”


The aim of this paper is to research the development of the concept of filial piety xiao 孝 in Warring States and early Han period by using critical analyses of the Confucian canonical texts Xiaojing 孝經 and Liji’s 禮記 chapter Jiyi 祭義. This paper tries to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to trace a linear pattern of development from Lunyu論語, Mengzi孟子,Xunzi 荀子 to Xiaojing and Liji?
  2. In which of the two texts – Xiaojingand Liji – is the concept of filial piety more mature in comparison with each other and former classics?
  3. Is it possible to affiliate the Xiaojingand Lijiwith different schools of Confucianism based on their understanding and usages of  the concept of filial piety?

Although this paper will be based on my Master’s thesis “The Emergence and Development of the Concept of Filial Piety in Pre-Imperial China”, it tries to approach the aforementioned questions from a new perspective by arguing that the concepts of filial piety in Xiaojing and Liji spring from the same era but are different due to their origin and affiliation with different Confucian schools.