Section 1: Chinese Studies: Ancient and Modern

Date & Time: Saturday, 9.04.2016; 10.00–14.00

Location: Ülikooli 16-212

Moderator: Märt Läänemets (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Participants and papers (click on the title for an abstract):

Part 1 (10.00–11.40):

  1. Mart Tšernjuk (University of Tartu, Estonia) “The Concepts of Dào 道 and 德 in the First Chapter of Zhuāng-Zǐ
  2. Frank Jüris (National Chengchi University, Taipei City, Taiwan) “Title: Filial Piety in “Xiaojing” 孝經 and “Liji” 禮記”
  3. Katja Koort (Tallinn University, Estonia) “Wandering Through the Landscape: The Way of Perceiving Space and Place in Guo Xi’s Linquan gaozhi

Part 2 (12.00–14.00):

  1. Georgijs Dunajevs (University of Latvia, Riga) “Wonderworkers of the West: Foreign Magicians in Chinese Sources from Han till Song”
  2. Frank Kraushaar (University of Latvia, Riga) “Literary Tradition as “Alternative View” in the PRC and Taiwan”