Kristiina Soosaar (Tallinn University, Estonia) “Changes of Temporary Marriages in Modern Iran Based on 7th Century Laws”


Shi’a and Sunni Islam hold the difference between the legislation of mutʿa (lust) marriage since the 7th century. According to Koranic citations and interpretations, it is permitted, and Shi’a Muslims continue practicing it even nowadays, even though it was prohibited in the 8th century. However, during the time of prophet Muḥammad, laws were different, and according to Ṣaḥīḥ al-Muslim, al-BuḫārīSunan ʾAbī Dawūd collections of ḥadīṯs, which show that people were encouraged to do so at the time of need and at the time of war.

Concerning modern Iran, my purpose is to analyze Ajatollah Khomeini’s laws on mutʿamarriage and to bring out the differences between the prophet’s laws and modern Shi’a laws after the revolution in Iran 1979.