Margarita Putnina (Riga Drikung Ngaden Choling Buddhist community, Latvia) “The Phenomenon of Love and Compassion in the Context of Safe Global Community”


Nowadays the global society has become a united source of multidimensional, all-encompassing forces based on tremendous achievements in science and technologies, virtual communication systems, inter-religious societies, and merciless, well-planned terrorism. A question arises: How can our civilization survive under the pressure of these rather distinctive forces and not lose its main ethical values?

The author of this article, being a book translator, considers that a perfect answer could be found in His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama’s proposals clearly expressed in such books as “Beyond Religion”, “Toward a True Kinship of Faiths: How the World`s Religions Can Come Together”, “The Universe in a single atom”, etc.

H.H. Dalai Lama supposes the phenomenon of love and compassion to manifest as a uniting force not only inside the inter-religious context but also the whole mind field of human society.

As for inter-religious harmony, His Holiness points out that his plan includes four main points: (1) dialogue between scholars of religion on the academic level…; (2) sharing of deep religious experiences between genuine practitioners; (3) high-profile meetings of religious leaders to speak and pray from one platform; and (4) joint pilgrimages to the world`s holy places!

By carefully analyzing these proposals one can see that they are penetrated by motions of love and compassion, tolerance, empathy, and the harmonious coexistence of nations.

The Latvian Buddhist meditation centre “Ganden”, together with FPMT and Riga Drikung Ngaden Choling Buddhist community, has initiated cooperation between the members of the movement “Save Tibet” in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to work together in promoting by different means the principles of democracy, human rights and harmonious coexistence of peoples in the World and simultaneously observing the principles of love and compassion, moral, and ethics. Christians, Buddhists, and unbelievers, the members of our group, are united by the great idea of His Holiness the Dalai Lama –  love and compassion is the main quality of the humans` heartmind and we believe it can save our planet`s global community.

Key words: Global community, love and compassion, moral and ethics, inter-religious