Kadri Raudsepp (Tallinn University, Estonia) “Approaches to Mindfulness in Tibetan Tradition”


In my paper I approach mindfulness through Jigme Lingpa’s short text called Dran (smṛti) dang shes bzhin (samprajanya) las ’phros pa’i gtam don rab ’byed pa’i thur ma – “Investigating the Meaning of Mindfulness („recollection“) and Awareness („continuous state of knowing“)“. This text is found in the Collected Works of Jigme Lingpa and belongs under the category of short advices – gtam tshogs that are eleven folios long. So far it has not received the attention that it deserves, therefore I will try to give a short overview of Jigme Lingpa’s view on the relation of dran pa, which mostly has the meaning of recollection here, and shes bzhin, which is the result of recollection – full awareness, understanding of how things are. According to Jigme Lingpa, even though these two terms have a relation of cause (dran pa) and result (shes bzhin), the exact meaning implied in these concepts depends on the level of practice one is engaged in.