Panel 8: Politics of Identity and Memory in Post-colonial and Post-socialist Fragmentation of Belonging

Date & Time: Friday, 8.04.2016; 14.00–18.00

Location: Jakobi 2-110

Panel Convener:

Vytis Ciubrinskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania),


The panel will tackle the issues of fragmentation of belonging through unfolding particular discourses, experiences and practices of displacement, structural inequality and subjectivization as well as of stigmatization and marginalization from the multidisciplinary perspective, and focuses on the politics of memory of social traumas in particular areas of Eurasia, i.e. Central Asia, South Asia etc.

The main field of scrutiny will open up the issues of (post)colonial and (post)socialist:


  • Occupations, oppressions, deportations; counter-establishment i.e. ‘Arab Spring’ movements and un-armed resistance of the ‘Gandhian ’ and ‘Velvet’ revolutions and new nationalisms;
  • Discourses and emotions of memory/suffering in everyday life and in public arenas.

Cultures and cultural groups:

  • Politics of culture and the politization and marginalization of groups;
  • Ethnification and traditionalization of heritages.


  • Transnationalism and cosmopolitanism: politics of belonging and cross-cutting the ties of social networking of migrants;
  • (Post)colonial & (post)communist (re)building of nation-states: social remittances and return migration;
  • Transnational traumatization and local politization of forced migrants.

Panelists (click on the title for an abstract):

Part 1 (14.0015.40):

  1. Fabio Belafatti (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “The ‘Nationalization’ of Historical Figures: The Construction of Nationalist Credentials Among the Post-communist Elite in Tajikistan”
  2. Vytis Ciubrinskas “Challenging Assimilation: Reclaiming Heritage and Identity from Local Life-ways of the Descendants of the 19th Century Forced Migrants in Trans-Volga Russia and Kazakhstan”
  3. Urmas Pappel (University of Tartu, Estonia) “Effects of Memory Politics on Chinese Youths: Patriotism and Confusion”

Part 2 (16.0018.00):

  1. Zivile Adulcikaite (The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England)  “African Migrants in India: Racial Logic and Racial Boundaries in Post-colonial Context”
  2. Deimantas Valanciunas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “Of Roots and Routes: Migration, Home and Belonging in Bollywood’s Films on Diaspora”
  3. Kristina Garalytė (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania) “Dalits’ Suffering and Struggle: from Discrimination to Student Activism”