Wang Weimin and Qiao Quansheng (Shanxi University, China) “The Influence of Thomas Meadows’ Mandarin Orthography on Thomas Wade’s Mandarin Orthography”


Thomas Meadows proposed the first published scheme of Pekingese orthography with a Roman alphabet. Through research we think that Meadows’ orthography was based on Robert Thom’s orthography, Robert Thom adhered to Morrison’s system of orthography with modifications, and Morrison’s orthography was based on Nanking pronunciation according to Thomas Meadows’s note. Thomas Meadows made the first step at cancelling entering tone, setting up a class of alveolo-palatal sound and describing first even, second even, rising, departing tone with the number 1, 2, 3, 4 separately in describing Peking pronunciation, although his modification is not so proper. Thomas Meadows’ orthography had a deep effect on Thomas Wade’s orthography.