Panel 10: Mythological Concepts in Mongolian Literature, Folklore and Language

Date & Time: Friday, 8.04.2016; 14.00–18.00

Location: Jakobi 2-107

Panel Convener:

Alevtina Solovyova (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow),


This section is dedicated to Mongolian culture. It includes four papers regarding a range of mythological concepts, characters, and beliefs represented in different realms of Mongolian tradition – literature, folklore, and language. The papers are based on written sources and new data collected by the research team during fieldwork in Outer Mongolia, Inner Mongolia (China), and Buryatia (Russia).

Panelists (click on the title for an abstract):

Part 1 (14.0015.40):

  1. Alevtina Solovyova “A Pillow of the Hero, an Eye of the Genius of Nature and a Restless Place: Local Strategies of Mythologisation of the Environment in Mongolian Traditions”
  2. Olga Mazo (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) “Mongolian Wrestlers in Folklore Narratives”
  3. İlya Gruntov (Russian Academy of Sciences) “Mongolian Euphemisms and Taboo”

Part 2 (16.0018.00):

  1. Yana Leman (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) ““Moon Cuckoo” of Danzanravjaa and Mongolian Theater”
  2. Nikita Petrov (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) “Mythology of Epic Bards: Epic’s Performance Context in Central and Northern Asia”