Reaching Kaunas City from Vilnius International Airport

Vilnius airport – Vilnius

Vilnius airport is located 6 km from the center of Vilnius, while Vilnius train and bus stations (both of them are next to each other) are located in the City‘s center. You can use one of these options to reach Vilnius bus or train station:

  • There is a direct train connection from Vilnius airport to Vilnius train station. To reach the train stop, please follow the outside directions at the airport. The ticket can be purchased from a train conductor for 0,70 Euro.
  • You can also take the Airport Express. The ticket can be purchased on the bus. A single-trip ticket will cost 1 Euro.
  • You can also take the No. 1 Vilnius City public transportation bus and ride it until the bus stop called “Stotis”. A single-trip ticket can be purchased on the bus and will cost 1 Euro.
  • You can take a taxi: book a taxi at You will depart from the “Airport” stop and arrive at “Stoties” stop (the price range varies from 5 to 12 Euros). Take a taxi within the airport area. Straight away ask the driver for the approximate ride price (or else you risk to be overcharged) and a receipt.

Vilnius – Kaunas

In Vilnius, at the train / bus station (the bus terminal is opposite of the train station, on the left) you will take train / bus to Kaunas. Buses to Kaunas City run approximately every 30 minutes and cost around 7 Euros. Please check the bus routes and exact timetables at:

Train departures are not so frequent. A train ride ticket will cost around 5-7 Euros. You can check train routes and timetables at:

Access to Kaunas City from Kaunas International Airport

Kaunas airport is located approximately 15 km from Kaunas City center.

Kaunas City Bus No. 29G

City bus No. 29G connects Kaunas Airport and Kaunas City. The city bus line route from the City Center proceeds to M. K. Čiurlionio g. (Kaunas Train Station) – Vytauto pr. (Kaunas Bus Station) – Kęstučio g. – Vilniaus g. – Savanorių g. – Kaunas Airport.

The city bus line route to the City Center proceeds from Kaunas Airport to Savanorių pr. – E. Ožeškienės g. – K. Donelaičio g .– Vytauto pr. (Kaunas Bus Station) – M. K. Čiurlionio g. (Kaunas Train Station).

Every day the bus leaves the Airport for the city center only after the last flight has arrived. Passengers may buy a ticket on the bus. The price of a single-trip ticket is 1 Euro. You can check the bus route and timetables at:

Transportation in Kaunas City

Bus / Trolleybus Services

Kaunas has an extensive network of public buses and trolleybuses. You can find maps and other related information at:

There are 3 types of public transportation tickets in Kaunas City:

  1. A single-ride paper ticket. You can purchase a single-ride paper ticket directly from the bus or trolleybus driver for 1 Euro. It is preferable to pay the exact price.
  2. A „Žiogas“ single-ride electronic ticket. “Žiogas“ e-tickets can be purchased via the „Žiogas“ smartphone app. More information at:
  3. Electronic tickets. These e-tickets can be purchased at newspaper kiosks. They are usually located next to a bus stop. Here you can purchase a season ticket, which will be valid for 3, 7, 30, 92 or 365 day period.

Regarding the e-tickets, Kaunas City Public transportation operates using an electronic contactless card (CARD) ticketing system. CARD may be loaded with a specified amount of money and/ or a 3-, 7-, 30-, 92-, 365 day e-ticket. You can use CARD in Kaunas City buses and trolleybuses marked by the KVT sign. You need to validate your CARD every time you board a public transportation vehicle.

Where to buy tickets: the e-tickets can be purchased at newspaper kiosks or Narvesen convenience stores that can be found all over Kaunas. At the Airport, public transportation e-tickets can also be purchased at the Narvesen convenience store, which is conveniently located in the Arrivals section of the passenger terminal. When purchasing an e-ticket remember to inform the seller about the type of e-ticket that you would like to load on your CARD. If you decide to use single-ride e-tickets, please remember to inform the seller about the amount of money that you would like to load on you CARD.

Euro and bankcards are accepted for payment. If you do not have euros, you can exchange money at the Medicinos bankas currency exchange office, which is also located at the Arrivals section. Currency exchange office working hours accord with the flight schedules.

Taxi Services

Kaunas City Taxi can be hailed on the street or booked by phone. A popular smartphone app for taxi services is Taxify. Average price for 1 km is around 1 Euro.