Bence Grezsa (University of Szeged, Hungary) “What Do the Colour Names Tell Us? The Case of Kazakh”


The linguistic research of colour names in different languages has recently become very popular. The research of colour names helps us to know the history and development of languages and also the culture and the mind of the native speakers. I study the colour names in Kazakh language with the method of historical linguistics. For my research I have collected a list of words from different Kazakh dictionaries. The list consists of more than five hundred words, which derive from colour names. In my presentation I first give a review of the linguistic studies of colour names, I then introduce the symbolic interpretation of the colours in Kazakh and later present the categories and the functions of words deriving from colour names. The compounds of Kazakh language are the focus of my research, as well as those, which contain colour names, and I study them mainly from the semantic point of view. In the case of the compounds, we frequently see a specific usage of the colour names forming a particular meaning of the new word, a specifically interesting semantic field in Kazakh language.


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