1. Contemporary Conflicts in the Middle East, Their Historical, Cultural and Ethnic Legacy and Possibility for Intercultural Dialogue
  2. Turkic-speaking Peoples of Central Asia from a Linguistic Perspective
  3. Turkic-speaking Peoples of Central Asia from a Historical Perspective
  4. Ancient Near Eastern Lamentation Literature: Sceneries of Destruction
  5. Soft Security Challenges in East Asia
  6. Chinese Language Studies in Connection with the West
  7. What Do We Learn from Crises? Historical Aspects and Alternative Solutions
  8. Politics of Identity and Memory in Post-colonial and Post-socialist Fragmentation of Belonging
  9. Buddhist Concepts and Practices: Understanding and Interpreting Them in the Contemporary World
  10. Mythological Concepts in Mongolian Literature, Folklore and Language
  11. Genealogies in the Ancient World