2nd BAAS Conference 2016: Call for Panels and Papers


The Second Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) Conference 2016

Venue: University of Tartu, Estonia

Date: April 7–9th (Thu.-Sat.), 2016

The Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) comprises University departments that teach and research Asian, Middle Eastern and African — commonly called “Oriental” — studies of the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Currently BAAS has five member institutions: The Department of Asian Studies, Tallinn University; The Centre for Oriental Studies, University of Tartu; The Department for Asian Studies, University of Latvia; The Centre of Oriental Studies, Vilnius University; The Centre of Asian Studies, Vytautas Magnus University. The First BAAS conference was hosted by Vilnius University from 3–5th April 2014, with the BAAS Charter signed by the representatives of the five member institutions on the final day.

The second BAAS conference will be held at the University of Tartu from the 7–9th April 2016 and organized by the Centre for Oriental Studies. The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars from the Baltic countries and outside for presentation and discussion of various aspects of Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures and societies. The organizers invite panels and individual papers from various fields of Oriental studies based on original research in specific subjects. (Note: the panelists and presenters must be at least MA holders.) As a special part of the conference poster presentations by students (MA students and PhD candidates) is planned.

We encourage submissions of both region-based and across region studies, including but not limited to the fields:

  • African studies;

  • Central Asian studies;

  • East Asian studies;

  • Middle Eastern studies;

  • South Asian studies;

  • South-East Asian studies;

  • Anthropology, sociology and ethnology;

  • Art and visual culture;

  • Asian manuscripts and art collections in Baltic libraries and museums;

  • East and West: cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue;

  • History and civilization;

  • History of Oriental studies;

  • Linguistics and language studies;

  • Literature and translation studies;

  • Politics and modern society;

  • Religion and philosophy;

  • Traditional knowledge systems.

Panel submissions

We are calling for panel proposals that must include: 1) the full name, affiliation and CV of the panel convener; 2) a working title of the panel; 3) a description of the issues to be addressed by the panel and the rationale for the panel (maximum of 200 words); 4) a list of potential presenters (minimum of three). Each panel proposal must include at least three papers. Panel proposals should be submitted to the BAAS Conference Board Secretary by email (andreas.johandi@gmail.com) by the 31st October, 2015. Conveners of the selected panels will receive feedback via email by the 30th November, 2015. The selected panels will made public by the same date on the conference homepage. Panel conveners may then admit more papers on their own responsibility. The conference secretariat must be informed of the final composition of each panel by the 31st January, 2016.

Please find the Panel Submission Form as Appendix 1 of this letter.

Paper submissions

We are also calling for individual papers. The deadline for submission of individual papers is the 30th November, 2015. Submissions should take the form of abstracts of no more than 300 words and sent to the BAAS Conference Board Secretary via email (andreas.johandi@gmail.com). Submitted papers will be arranged into thematic sections or proposed to be joined with one of the selected panels. Authors will receive feedback via email by the 15th January, 2016.

Please find the Abstract Submission Form for Individual Papers as Appendix 2 of this letter.

Students’ poster presentations

MA students and PhD candidates are called to submit poster presentations in the form of large-format (A1) posters. This offers an opportunity for students to discuss their work and research with an academic audience in an informal way and thus obtain experience performing in a high level academic event. The procedure of the poster presentation will be carried out in the following manner: at the beginning of the poster session, presenters should briefly (2–3 minutes) introduce themselves and their research topic; then interested parties can acquaint themselves with the posters, ask questions and discuss the topics with the presenters who will stand next to their presentations. Organizers of the conference are awaiting the submissions of poster presentations in the form of abstracts of no more than 200 words by the 30th November, 2015. Submissions should be sent to the poster session convener and supervisor Vladimir Sazonov via email (sazonov00@gmail.com). Feedback with more detailed information on the preparation of posters will be given by the 15th January, 2016.

All the scholars, academics and lecturers are kindly asked to encourage their students to participate in the poster session. (A helpful overview about designing posters.)

Funding of the Conference

There is no registration fee. Transportation to and from Tartu is the responsibility of each participant. Accommodation fees for the presenters (including those with poster presentations) and keynote speakers coming from outside Estonia will be covered by the organizers.

Executive Board of the Conference

Märt Läänemets, Chairman of the Board, mart_laanemets@yahoo.com
Vladimir Sazonov, Vice-chairman of the Board, convener and supervisor of the poster presentations, sazonov00@gmail.com
Andreas Johandi, Secretary of the Board, andreas.johandi@gmail.com
Peeter Espak, peeterespak@hotmail.com
Teet Toome, teettoome@yahoo.com
Gao Jingyi, gao.jingyi.phd@gmail.com
Laur Järv, Website Manager, laur.jarv@ut.ee

Conference website: https://balticasianstudies.wordpress.com/

Important Dates

May, 2015 Dispatching of the First Circular, Call for Panels and Papers

31st October, 2015 Deadline for submitting panel proposals

30th November, 2015 Deadline for submitting abstracts for individual papers and poster presentations; the selected panels to be made public

15th January, 2016 Selection of individual papers and poster presentations completed and feedback sent to the authors

31st January, 2016 Formation of panels and section themes completed; dispatching of the Second Circular to all presenters

29th February, 2016 The final Conference program completed; dispatching of the Third Circular with program and conference information to all participants

7–9th April, 2016 The Second Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) Conference in Tartu